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The National Foundation for Gun Rights recently filed seven lawsuits in five federal court circuits to eliminate unconstitutional magazine and gun bans everywhere! This nationwide legal blitz aims to take out every single ban on semi-automatic weapons and standard capacity magazines for good.

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To counter the Left’s agenda, the National Foundation for Gun Rights is dedicated to protecting your rights and protecting the Second Amendment in the courts. Donate now to support the fight. 

Our mission and story

The National Association for Gun Rights’ legal defense arm, the National Foundation for Gun Rights works to expand pro-gun precedents and defend gun owners. A tough-as-nails, no-compromise, pro-Second Amendment legal entity that is NOT afraid to fight!

National Foundation for Gun Rights



NFGR Sues Over Just-Enacted Illinois Semi-Auto Ban

We are suing the state of Illinois over their newly passed “assault weapon” ban. While we have not filed any brand new lawsuit, we have been able to amend our current lawsuits in Highland Park and Naperville to incorporate the new state law. NFGR has been proactive in restoring the rights of Illinoisans taking two […]


ATF Publishes Pistol Brace Rule

The ATF has released their long-awaited pistol brace ban. The rule will be effective as soon as it is entered into the federal registry, which must be within 30 days of January 13, 2023. The rule expands the definition of “rifle” as follows: “the definition of ‘rifle’ shall include a weapon that is equipped with […]


New York Supreme Court Judge Rules “Red Flag” Law Unconstitutional

On December 20th, 2022 Judge Tom Moran of the New York Supreme Court ruled New York’s Red Flag style gun confiscation law, unconstitutional. Putting a temporary stop to red flag sun confiscation in New York. This came about when a petitioner only identified as G.W. filed an application in August of 2022 for a Temporary […]