About NFGR

The National Foundation for Gun Rights, the legal wing of the National Association for Gun Rights, exists to defend the Second Amendment in the court system.

Our goal is twofold:

  • To enforce and expand pro-gun precedents issued by the courts by challenging unconstitutional laws, and seeking to enforce pro-gun statutes.
  • To defend gun owners in the courts to ensure that law-abiding citizens who have had their rights violated by bureaucrats, or overzealous law enforcement, are protected.

Some of the most important Second Amendment battles are fought in the court system as activist judges legislate away the right to keep and bear arms from the bench, and Marxist district attorneys and prosecutors target law-abiding gun owners. The best gun laws in the world mean nothing if they’re not enforced and unconstitutional laws are not forcefully challenged – and the National Foundation for Gun Rights was founded to do just that.

A tough-as-nails, no-compromise, pro-Second Amendment legal entity that is NOT afraid to fight!

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Our Mission

The National Foundation for Gun Rights brings a no-compromise approach to defending gun rights in the justice system. NFGR will fight to defend law-abiding gun owners against the tyranny of government overreach.

Our Staff


Dudley Brown

Executive Director


David Warrington



Hannah Hill

Director of Research & Policy


Ryan Flugaur

Senior Advisor