Gun owners are under attack in America.

More and more, the Left is turning to the courts to advance their anti-gun agenda, and Marxist district attorneys and prosecutors are targeting law-abiding gun owners for defending themselves from rioters and thugs.

Between progressive lawmakers, activist judges, and power-hungry bureaucrats, it’s open season on gun owners.

Whether it’s a crazy mob bent on violence, or a “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation order from a crooked district attorney and a police officer at your door to take away your guns, or a background check held up unlawfully by nameless, faceless bureaucracy, the Gun Owners Defense Fund exists to help gun owners whose Second Amendment rights are under attack.

With your tax-deductible contribution to NFGR’s Gun Owner’s Defense Fund, we can hire lawyers, pay for experts and investigators, and even sue on behalf of law-abiding gun owners targeted by anti-gun forces.

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