Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction in Colorado Homemade Firearms Case

A federal judge in the Colorado District Court has denied our motion for a preliminary injunction in our case against the state’s ban on homemade firearms. You can read his ruling here.

The American tradition of manufacturing firearms in the home is one that extends to the colonial period, well before we achieved our independence from the British Empire.

Not only does this tradition extend to the earliest days of our republic, the individual right to manufacture your own firearms at home was absolutely critical in liberating our great country from British rule.

Many parts of the commonly owned muskets at the time were difficult to manufacture from scratch. So rather than attempt this, American colonists regularly imported quality percussion locks, barrels, and other parts from Europe.

This is the exact same conduct a modern American engages in when ordering a firearm parts kit, and then manufacturing those parts into a commonly owned firearm of today.

None of our historical evidence mattered to Judge Gallagher, who ruled that the Second Amendment does not apply in this case at all, because the state’s ban merely “imposes a condition on the commercial sale of a firearm.”

This is yet another instance of a federal judge sidestepping any analysis under the Bruen standard to allow a state to infringe upon our God-given rights.

Your National Foundation for Gun Rights will not allow our rights to be stripped, especially with the District Court refusing to even hear this case on Second Amendment grounds.

That is why we have already filed our appeal to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, where the judges will hopefully find the lower court’s decision just as outrageous as we did.

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