Legal hotline for NAGR members harassed by ATF over Forced Reset Triggers

The ATF doesn’t seem to understand what the word “no” means. It’s very simple: If a federal judge issues a preliminary injunction blocking you from enforcing unlawful action, you don’t do just that.

We currently have a preliminary injunction blocking the ATF from enforcing their Forced Reset Trigger ban against members of the National Association for Gun Rights and Texas Gun Rights.

Specifically, the ATF is not allowed to send our members notice letters or request the “voluntary surrender” of FRTs, or in any way interfere with our members’ lawful possession of FRTs.

Despite that, the ATF has done this not once, but twice since we have received our injunction against them.

When our lawyer called the DOJ attorney representing the ATF, he said “Not our fault, we don’t know who your members are. Give us a list and we’ll tell the ATF not to bother them.”

We will not be giving the ATF a list of our members – ever, under any circumstances.

We will be fighting back against the tyrants at the ATF in the courts, and will be asking for the preliminary injunction to be expanded so the ATF cannot enforce their trigger ban on ANYONE.

(Please note, the nationwide injunction was what we originally asked the court for, since Second Amendment rights should not depend on anyone’s membership in an organization. We will keep fighting for that till everyone is protected from the ATF’s unlawful trigger ban.)

In the meantime, we have set up a legal hotline for our members to call if the ATF harasses anymore of our members over FRTs.

Any NAGR members who are contacted by the ATF over Forced Reset Triggers should call us at 877-205-6554.

Leave us a message, clearly state your information, and tell us what happened. We will verify your membership and be in touch to help.

If you are not already a member, we cannot guarantee that you will be covered by the current preliminary injunction, as it is a legal gray area.  But by joining you will have access to our legal hotline, and if we win a permanent injunction, you will be protected.

The ATF is trying to get around this preliminary injunction and they’re using it as an excuse to get a list of each of our members.

We will not let them get away with it!

Click here to donate to our legal fund and help put an end to the tyrannical and unlawful action of the ATF.