US Supreme Court rules to uphold Second Amendment

NAGR and NFGR File Amicus Brief Against Mexico at SCOTUS

US Supreme Court rules to uphold Second Amendment

The National Association for Gun Rights and the National Foundation for Gun Rights have filed a joint amicus brief in the case Mexico v. Smith & Wesson at the Supreme Court. You can read our amicus brief here.

In this case, Mexico has sued America’s largest manufacturers of firearms in a blatant attempt to scapegoat the country’s failure to deal with its cartel problem.

They shamelessly brag about their draconian gun laws that only allow military, law enforcement, government officials, and the extremely wealthy to own and carry firearms in their country. In other words, Mexico has blamed the Second Amendment for its cartel problem, rather than their United Nations supported policies leaving the average citizen defenseless.

In their lawsuit, Mexico demands the courts:

  • Ban gun manufacturers from producing and selling the most popular firearms in America.
  • Ban manufacturers from producing and selling standard-capacity magazines and any firearm capable of accepting them.
  • Impose Universal Gun Registration.
  • Implement “smart gun” single-user technology on all firearms.
  • Force the manufacturers to go well beyond the requirements to sell a gun under federal law.
  • Order a ten-billion-dollar payout to the corrupt Mexican government.

This tyrannical attack on the Second Amendment has one goal in mind, imposing the UN Small Arms Treaty on American citizens through the courts, ultimately stripping us of our God given rights.

In our brief, we outline how this lawsuit is a gross abuse of the federal court system to impose back door gun control, and we have asked the Justices to grant certiorari in this case and end these attacks on our civil liberties.

As we said in our brief:

The Second Amendment Rights—or any other rights—of American citizens should not be in jeopardy simply because a foreign government cannot, or will not, adequately address its own domestic crime problems.

The United Nations, the Biden administration, and ATF Director Dettelbach fully support Mexico’s claims. They know full well that if Mexico succeeds in this lawsuit the floodgates will open and they can finally press their blood-soaked boots on our throats.

Your National Foundation for Gun Rights will not stand idly by while they attempt this.

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