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NAGR Files Official Comment on ATF “Engaged in the Business” Rule

National Foundation for Gun Rights

The National Association for Gun Rights has filed an official comment on the ATF’s “Engaged in the Business Rule.”

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The ATF’s new rule aims to essentially force every firearm sale – even private sales – to go through the background-check process.

The key change the ATF is using to change this rule is a very small change Congress made to the Gun Control Act (GCA) in 2022. Part of the definition of the term of what it means to be a dealer of firearms was changed from “with the principal objective of livelihood and profit” to “to predominantly earn a profit.

Essentially, the ATF has rewritten the rule so that those who enjoy collecting firearms as a hobby are now forced to register as an FFL to pursue their hobby. This would mean they have to keep books, conduct background checks, and are subject to ATF inspection whenever the agency pleases.

The ATF has also acted to change the rules without an act of Congress. The exceptions the ATF are attempting to remove are those that did not have the votes in Congress to change, a blatant violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.

In conclusion, our letter demands that the ATF abandon the proposed regulations, and instead match the regulatory definition to that of Congress.

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