NFGR Sues Over Just-Enacted Illinois Semi-Auto Ban

We are suing the state of Illinois over their newly passed “assault weapon” ban. While we have not filed any brand new lawsuit, we have been able to amend our current lawsuits in Highland Park and Naperville to incorporate the new state law.

NFGR has been proactive in restoring the rights of Illinoisans taking two ripe opportunities in Highland Park and Naperville to attack existing “assault weapon” bans. By merging the state ban into the existing lawsuits we are able to move the legal process forward much faster than if we had started the whole process over with a new claim.

Not only will this help with resource management by not redoing work we have already done, it will send a clear message to other states considering similar laws. These violations of our freedoms will not be tolerated.

Both our Naperville and Highland Park lawsuits can be read about here.

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